1235-1322 Holy Roman Empire

Bamberg Rider

Equestrian portrait (Bamberg Rider), statue in the east choir, Bamberg Cathedral, Germany, ca. 1235-1240.  Sandstone, 7′ 9″ high.

Ekkehard and Uta

NAUMBERG MASTER, Ekkehard and Uta, statues in the west choir, Naumberg, Germany, ca. 1249-1255.  Painted limestone, Ekkehard 6′ 2″ high.

Rottgen Pieta

Röttgen Pietà, from the Rhineland, Germany, ca. 1300-1325.  Painted wood, 2′ 10 1/2″ high.  Rheinisches Landemuseum, Bonn.

  cologne cathedral Cologne interior

GERHARD OF COLOGNE, Aerial view (top) and interior (bottom) of Cologne Cathedral, Cologne, Germany, begun 1248; choir completed 1322; nave, facade, and towers completed 1880.

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